Welcome  by DeTox the World Coin

We work very hard to make our mission possible and move on to help to DETOX our planet.

Thank the ultra new Blockchain technologies it can be possible to stay longer clean and green.

The best ever decentralized Peer to Peer support, can give us a strong and good hope to achieve our Target !


We need all of You

We invite you to invest or donate  ETH  for DTOX  Tokens

but  we will be honest to you and say, do not expect to much and we warn you as well ,

Crypto Currencies are very volatile!

But we can say you are a great Partner and you will be

very proud to be a part of the project and very happy to store DETOX in your personal Wallet

Thank you!


We do it for a better World





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We want a clean World

Donate for you and for your many Friends, for a Detoxed Future 

in a longterm invest, that will make you really proud and happy!

Thank you